Meet the Founder



Stephanie, Founder/CEO

Our Founder was born and raised in Haiti by her grandmother. After college, she began her career in hotel management and started to live her dreams of becoming a performing artist. As an artist, she's developed an essence of standing out; she is bold and dynamic. Her friends and family refer to her as a ‘light’ as she is optimistic, courageous and supportive. After her late father's life-changing health crisis, she decided to return to school to pursue nursing. She has always had a heart for people and service; nursing quickly became her passion. After many years in the field struggling to find scrubs that fit her, she couldn't help but think of how many people had the same problem. It was vital for her to feel great and perform at her highest every day; that meant wearing scrubs that fit well and were comfortable and stylish. She wanted to bring the same value to other healthcare professionals, and César Elite Scrubs was born: Designed by a Healthcare Professional for Healthcare Professionals. She believes, when you look your best, you will feel your best; therefore, you will perform your best.