Our Story


Our founder started a career in healthcare after being in the hospitality industry, more precisely hotel management, when her late father suffered from a stroke. She has been in healthcare for over six years now. Her first ever job at a hospital gave her a pair of boxy, itchy, ill-fitting and uncomfortable scrubs, which birthed the idea and fueled her desire to create a medical apparel brand. Combining her time working in hospitality, where she dressed up daily, and her love for fashion, these unisex scrubs were not doing it for her. She stated, "I've always found that the more well-put-together I was, the more confident I was, and the easier it was for me to get through my day." She quickly realized her duties included educating patients, advocating for them, being a Charge Nurse, and precepting new nurses; and "the less confident I felt in how I looked in these scrubs, the less confident I was in my role." 




"A select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society." An elite belongs to the most powerful, best-educated, and best-trained group. An elite is someone we go to for trusted information due to their knowledge and skills. 

We create high-end designs with cutting-edge performance fabrics, paired with perfect tailoring for comfort for the most influential healthcare professionals.

César is my grandmother's last name. Though she was not a nurse herself, she exposed me to my core values as a nurse as she was compassionate, empathetic, hardworking, and enjoyed helping others, which is all that we embody in healthcare. Our exceptional brand was inspired by her because of the woman she was; and I am just like her. She was sharp, confident, and had such a strong presence about her, which are some of the amazing attributes we want our Elite Members to experience when they wear César Elite Scrubs.


Our values are at the center of everything we do. They guide our decision-making; they foster teamwork as well as relationships between our company and our consumers. At Cesar Elite Scrubs, values such as integrity, authenticity, impact, passion, courage, and empowerment are the foundation of our company.

We are passionate about our consumers, their needs, and our work to provide them with premium products and services. We design our scrubs to positively impact how you look, feel and perform, as you affect the lives of those you serve. We recognize that it takes much courage to face the challenges of your daily duties, and we want to empower you to show up daily with confidence. 

You are a fantastic human who does incredible work in the lives of others; let us showcase your awesomeness through your style. Not all angels wear wings; they wear César Elite Scrubs!